New 3D LIps - personalised lip augmentation...

You know me and lips! I really enjoy the process of treating lips with the right combination of dermal fillers to create beautiful, soft and shapely lips that will transform the face without dominating.

Having a slightly fuller lip shape not only enhances your entire face, it may even help reduce vertical lines above your lips and leave you looking younger.

I don't know if you've noticed but the oversized lip augmentation is becoming thing of the past - that's my view anyway. For me, it' all about creating facial balance – with lips that match your face rather than leading the way into a room - enhancing your lips in such a way as to make a difference so visible it will grant you a second look from friends, yet so subtle, no one can guess what you’ve had done!

As a starting point, it’s your entire face I look at, not just your lips, when I consider your suitability for dermal filler treatments. It’s not just one feature that determines your suitability for filler enhancements, it's about how your features work together.
So I'll consider the effect that enhancing enhancing certain features, like  lips or cheeks, will have on your overall facial appearance and the balance of your face.

So, if you’ve fallen in love with the idea of having fuller lips and we agree that we're 'going for it', how do we proceed?
Over the past few years, the range of dermal fillers has become ever-more extensive and effective, formulated for softness and a natural feel. And I've spent a lot of time working on my own techniques as an aesthetics practitioner to enable me to create what I call "3D Custom Lips" - combining techniques and types of fillers for a truly personalised approach.
It's all about refined shaping of the lips, combining asymmetry correction techniques if necessary, to create a beautiful but natural look - and it is very much an individualised approach.
For example, we can discus if you'd like to focus on the Cupid's bow area, the 'vermillion border' or the lip 'pillows'.

The choice of the filler plays a key role, and we tend to preferentially use dermal fillers specifically designed for lips. Such fillers were carefully developed taking into consideration the anatomy of the lips.
Reshaping the lips does, of course, take a measured hand. I usually use more structured fillers to recreate the cupid’s bow and softer fillers to effect the ‘lip pillows’ of the lower lips.
For the vermillion border, I would always consider using low viscosity filler. This can create a very well-defined demarcation by creating maximum light reflection without distorting the delicate lip architecture.

How does it feel? Lip injections, be it for hydration, shaping or volume are administered via tiny injections. A numbing cream is usually applied prior to the procedure. This makes the procedure thoroughly comfortable.

And, when it comes to the transforming effect lips can have, no one is a better ambassador than Kylie Jenner. Thin lips never look good on anyone and it's a fact that our lips naturally thin out with age. In some ways, therefore, thin lips make a person look older than her actual years. Volume fillers used for lips can correct this cosmetic disadvantage beautifully and, as in Jenner’s case, totally transform the looks!

The lips definitely have it!